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Speaking Up

2012-12-31 06:07:07 by djgo

I've gotten my software back after a computer crash and I'm churning out beats for the next mixtape. You guys on newgrounds will get first dibs on the beats. What I end up writing for first and use on the final version of the mixtape depends on your votes/downloads/comments. All my mixtapes are free, for now :p. If you have datpiff account search djgo or gaia bless. My stuff should pop right up.

random crew pic:

Speaking Up

See Me Live!

2011-11-07 01:23:38 by djgo

I'll be perfroming @ go go's 2(formely known as ting tings) at 12:00. The event is called Help 11-11-11 and all proceeds (entrances fees) go to charity.

Two New Track Up!

2011-09-08 07:53:43 by djgo

Two new tracks beats by ZeroOutMinds and Shaggyhaired. Dope producers! Check out " Akatsuki Osaka" and "Circle Up". :D

Speacial Thanks to all those who downloaded and or rated "Drop An Album".

Two New Track Up!

Get It Gone

2011-05-28 17:47:15 by djgo

New track will be released on facebook monday or tuesday. On newgrounds next weekend.

Get It Gone

That's the way

2011-05-27 14:41:32 by djgo

Look wierd in the interview but w/e lol. Beat produced by Maali The Hunter from the MOZeu crew.

Hey Guys!

2011-05-23 12:43:49 by djgo

If you're digging my music make sure to like my face book page. The links to upcoming free mixtapes will be exclusive to those who do. Updates, samples, beats, links, videos and more a-Bless/110053172360780

see yah

Hey Guys!

Ah yeh!

2011-04-07 02:45:50 by djgo

Bunch of projects lined up. Next few weeks should be real fun!

ah btw, I didn't make that cookie monster beat, did Elmo instead.. :P The track does have "monster" in it. I'll putt it up if my crew decides not to use it.


2010-05-06 15:02:20 by djgo

I see you sleeping on me... that will not be forgiven! ( lol like what am i gona do about it!?)

...Ill tell you what, I will make a beat out of anything....requested or that pops up into my head..hmm

for example..a cookie monster beat is on the way.....yes a cookie monster beat...

I have no plans to rap on these beats so do what u will lol...





2010-02-10 16:58:54 by djgo



Old N the New

2008-04-06 06:59:59 by djgo

I have uploaded some of my other stuff, and i see some of you downloaded them please enjoy lol
Also Im planning to upload the full version of Beats me...ill and an "its" to the beggining so you can tel which one has vocals.

edit: sample rate is too big or w/e :( Ill try to find somthing else

Old N the New